Sunday, December 11, 2016

Koori Heritage performance Federation Square

The weather was amazing yesteray so I took a walk around Abbortsford and today the weather promised to be sunny and warm so I went in to Federation Square especially to see the performance by members of the Koori Heritage Trust. Every time I hear the Digeridoo I fall more in love with it. The performance by the two young men, which was almost continuous for about forty minutes, included the aforementioned Digeridoo, sticks, voice and guitar, but not guitar as you know it. The singer created no chords, he did not strum, he just plucked at the strings at intervals in a similiar way in which he hit his sticks together. Towards the end of the performance the player of the Dig stepped off the stage and treated everyone to an amazing indigenous dance, suggestive of emu movements (I may be wrong, but whatever the animal he was certainly adept at depicting its movements with his choreography).

I can only say that the whole performance was mesmerizing, quite meditative and peaceful. I think it's wonderful that we are exposed to this aspect of Indigenous culture, which is so rich and diverse.

Also at Federation Square was a large Christmas bauble constructed with thousands of little lights. I walked inside it and took a photograph of the spires of St. Paul's Cathedral on the opposite corner. I enjoyed this weekend for it was the first time that my hayfever symptoms appeared improved. Hopefully it doesn't return tomorrow when the weather is predicted to be 30C degrees.

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