Thursday, November 17, 2016

St. Kilda Beach and the St Kilda Botanical Gardens

The weather was beautiful today and it was the first time in a few days I felt well. I did see Arrival (sci-fi film) at the Kino on Monday, but have been suffering from a virus that left me with runny nose, blocked right ear and a general feeling of malaise. So, today I went down to St. Kilda Beach (many people also had the same idea since Melbourne's weather was set to soar to 30C degrees).

I walked along the beach front to the Marina and noticed a sign that said St. Kilda Botanical Gardens. I've lived in Melbourne all my life and I didn't know St Kilda had a botanical gardens. I walked in the general direction of the arrowed sign and got side tracked when I saw the renovations being carried out to Acaland Street, which looks amazing with only half the road now taken up with tram tracks and the remainder of the street tiled with lovely seats under umbrella type coverings.

So, I sat on one of the shaded seats and ate my yoghurt before walking to the Botanical Gardens, which were only a block or so away. I loved it. It was much cooler than the scorching sun on the beach and the heat of the street. I particulary like the pond, the rose garden and the conservatory

Having taken photographs and relaxed in the well manicured surrounds, I walked through the back gates back to Chapel Street, where I caught my tram home. What a lovely day. A bit hot in the sun, but I'd slip, slopped and slapped so didn't get burnt. I notice that the sunsmart message has finally got through in our community because when I passed a Primary School, all the children playing outside were wearing red t/shirts and red hats. It was an amazing sight, made even more amazing I thought because they were in groups and using natural tree twigs and branches (some of them quite large and heavy) to construct something in their school yard trees. Teachers were watching on to advise the children weather their construct was likely or not to hold. Overall, an enjoyable day.

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