Sunday, November 27, 2016

In praise of public hospital staff and reconstruction of tram tracks

This post is in praise of administrative staff, nurses, doctors and surgeons of public hopsitals. At ten thirty this morning, after several weeks of severly blocked ears and subsequent dizziness, deafness and discomfort, I presented myself to the Ear and Ear Hospital, Emergency Department, where I was triaged as urgent and sent through to the nurse for assessment approximately ten minutes after I arrived.
After providing the nurse with a list of my allergies and other vital information about my chronic vestibular migraines, I had my temperature taken and blood pressure tested. The nurse was wonderful as were the admin staff.
Shortly after I was lead into another room and Hannan, an Israeli ENT doctor, who had been in Australia a mere four months and generally assisted in ear operations with the intention of becoming a surgeon, used suction to withdraw the build-up of wax from my right ear. I was a little distressed with a sudden loud noise, so he used an implement to withdraw the wax from my left ear.
His kindness and understanding were unsurpassed, however apparently he was impressed by the fact that I welcomed him to our country and thanked him for his understanding of my general anxiety about having my ears pocked and prodded.
I could hear properly for the first time in months and could decifer particular nuances of speech that disappear when you have heaving loss. From the moment I was triaged to the moment I left the hospital was only about 40 minutes. I was impressed by the efficiency I encounted and walked out of the hospital happier than I had been and headed into what now appeared as a very noisy city. I took a couple of photographs of the reconstruction of tram tracks down Swanston Street, had a cup of coffee and came home.
It's a cold day and Melbourne presented her usual grey veil. But I don't care because I can hear.
Reconstruction of tram tracks Swanston Street, Melbourne looking towards St. Paul's
Cathedral, Sunday 27 November, 2016. Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
Bull dozers removing soil during reconstruction of tram tracks down Swanston
Street, Melbourne outside Melbourne Town Hall. Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016

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