Thursday, October 6, 2016

Visit to Port Melbourne beach 6 October 2016

I usually go to Port Melbourne beach by myself and hadn't been there since January this year (I've been to St. Kilda beach a couple of times during Winter), so I met up with Leonie at 10.30 am, had a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, Ganache Chocolate in Collins Street and then we caught the 109 tram to the beach. What a glorious day weatherwise. I'm so glad I took a tshirt with me to change into as the sun was almost hot. We strolled along Station Pier had a quick look at the new Spirit of Tasmania which was docked and walked on the promenade before having lunch at Delish Fish. Lunch there never disappoints. After lunch we walked along the beach before having a cup of tea, a big rest and some good conversation. One of the most delightful parts of the day was seeing a sailing ship with its sails unfurled as it moved across the distant horizon and the large, wide sandbar that was visible from shore. The sea was as blue as blue today and very calm.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016

 I just had to photograph the lighthouse reflected in the beautifully calm waters.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
And hope that you can see the sailing ship in the middle of the horizon. If you enlarge the photo you may just be able to see it.
Photo: Julie Clarke (c) 2016
Fingers crossed that we get more weather like we had today.

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