Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pharlap's 90th Birthday - photoshoot of Pharlap's head 4 October, 2016

I was one of 350 people who volunteered to be photographed at the Museum of Victoria this morning. It was Pharlap's 90th Birthday and the Museum wanted to reproduce a historial photograph of his head comprised of people grouped in his shape. It was very cold but we registered in the Exhibition Buildings and dutifully donned  our plastic capes. Few were in white, representing his halter, the remainder of us in light brown. Here's a view of us awaiting instructions.
Those in white went outside first, the rest of us followed and stood in our alloted area, demarcated by  string on the ground.
The photographer and those from media outlets stood on the dome of the Exhibition Buildings and were continually photographing us. Only once did they say there were gaps and we had move closer together or further apart. Many took their own photos whilst waiting the half hour until the shoot finished.
The head appeared complete and the bulk of the people we waiting to come out. You can see them grouped together by the side of the building.

I took a photo of the photographer near the dome. I was standing just behind those in white and spent a good deal of my time like many others trying to stop the wind from
disrobing us. We were all very silly as otherwise it would have been quite boring. We were asked to sing happy birthday three times and once when we went inside the Museum.  I suspect that there will be billowing garments & lots of silly looks in the final photos. When I see the end result I'll posts it. Afterwards we were invited to see Pharlap's birthday cake cut, but it took so long I decided to leave before partaking of any. Happy Birthday Pharlap. You were an amazing horse and will never be forgotten.

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