Saturday, October 1, 2016

A couple of my artworks from 20 years ago

In 1996 I think my art may have been considered Surrealist. Anyway, not many artworks survive from back then especially in this series.
The following image is in A. Liston's private collection and for the purposes of this post I'm naming it Wasp with Dark Angel. It includes an imp urinating on the arm of the man carrying her
Wasp with Dark Angel. Acrylic paint on canvas. Julie Clarke 1996
The only other surving artwork is pastel and pencil on 300 gsm paper. Its dimensions are: 60 x 42 cm and again for the purposes of this post I'm titling it Eviscerated.
Eviscerated. Julie Clarke 1996

This drawing is for sale, unframed for $500.00. I know it won't appeal to everyone. Contact me if you are interested. I'm happy to negotiate the price.

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