Friday, August 5, 2016

Art, art, art

It was fantastic to see the sun shining this morning and Leonie and I took advantage of it over lunch at The Malthouse. After lunch and much discussion we saw the Contempory Painting exhibition next door at ACCA. I must say I wasn't impressed with most of the works, however the Louise Hearman painting was my favorite.
Louise Hearman,

Better I think was the exhibition currently showing at the Margaret Lawence Gallery at VCA. I thought that the suite of paintings by Ella Dunn really shone. Unfortunately I didn't take a photograph of her works. However, I did photograph my second favoritie in the exhibition but didn't write down the artists name. Talk about a stuff up!

The potentially erotic imagery resonated I think with the close up photographs I took of my own body and exhibited at the University of Melbourne a few years back, entitled Aut(o)ptics(o)ma. Leonie and I completed the afternoon with coffee at Federation Square and we were grateful to the staff member who lit two freestanding heaters either side of us because the sun had disappeared and the day was growing cold.

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