Monday, July 11, 2016

Arctic winds

Thank goodness the Richmond Library is finally open again. It was closed for refurbishments and the result is stunning. There are twice as many computers as before and the whole space has been opened up and is aesthetically pleasing. I'm happy because I can print out and borrow DVD's. The wind outside is positively arctic and I was told by my local newsagent where I topped up my Myki card this morning that the rest of the week is going to be even colder. Drat! Almost every day this week I have tests, which means waiting in the cold for public transport. I have appointments with an optometrist, an audiologist and a neurologist and my usual doctor. It not that I'm sick, it's that we are still investigating what may be causing these horrible vestibular migraines I get on a regular basis. Am meeting up with Leonie Osowski for lunch prior to my appointment at St. Vincent's tomorrow. Oh! I just want to express my sense of regret and disappointment that the coalition government have been returned. My message to the Independents in the Senate - Give them hell!


  1. The vertigo has been a very long standing problem for you, it must get very frustrating to manage. Good luck with the tests

  2. I have damage to vestibular nerve in my left ear caused by trauma or virus. It will not improve. I have to live with & manage symptoms. ��