Sunday, June 19, 2016

VCA 50th Anniversary Film and Television school

The medial and lateral ligaments in my right knee are still troubling me after that long walk, however
I spent about an hour and a half today at the VCA 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Film and Television school, which began with the jazz/soul big band Deans of Soul.

I purchased a small film cannister from the VCA garage sale with the intent of doing something 'arty' with it, since I'd used a larger one before in an artwork I made in the earlier 90s and then I headed upstairs to watch some of the short films in the VCA Digital Archive. The half a dozen I saw were amazing and I particularly enjoyed the one, based on a true story about a boy who had to deliver a letter after his Timorese clan were being attacked by mercanaries and the film with the white haired young boy who rode in a shopping trolley down the main road, with various consequences. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the film or the film-maker, however, the imagery was memorable and here's a shot of one of the frames.
After that, I ran into Martin and Maggie McCormick and spoke briefly, I had coffee at Chocolate Ganache in Collins Street (resisted having any chocolate), looked around the shops and came home. It's been  another cold day, but I guess all Melbourians know that.

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