Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Two weeks ago I knitted this Golly Doll or Golly Wog, which is what it was called when I was a child. I chose the 1956 Women's Weekly pattern because I figured it was probably the one that was made for me. Golly was the first toy I remember being given.

Knitted Golly Doll by Julie Clarke, 2015

Last week I knitted this more sophisticated Goth Doll from a 2012 pattern by Fiona MacDonald. Both these dolls took about 15 hours of knitting - very labor intensive, but satisfying in the cold weather we've been experiencing in Melbourne.

Back to drawing or painting very soon.


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  3. Of course I was aware of the controversy surrounding the Golly Wog James, but the doll's significance to me was that it was the first one given to me as a present when I was five years old. Anyone who has followed my blog over the past seven years would know that I have supported all peoples of the world regardless of the color of their skin, race or culture. However, I direct anyone interested to this following link (note that the previous comment was deleted because I had to make a spelling correction) : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golliwog