Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey everyone. I know that it's been ages since I've posted anything here, but I thought I'd take a rest from Facebook and the blog and other social forums that I usually frequent. I've been busy printing out images for my upcoming exhibition, going to the local gymnasium three times per week, taking photographs and just being me. I met a lovely woman on the weekend who was a volunteer at the Craft Victoria exhibition being shown near the Melbourne Town Hall. I was struck by the way she looked. Anyway here are two photographs of her, which show not only her beauty, but also her  absolutely magical look (unfortunately I didn't take any color photos, but I'm sure you can see the color range and eclectic look that she was attempting to achieve. It goes without saying that she is an artist.
Julie Clarke (c) 2014.

Julie Clarke (c) 2014.

After I've put up my digital photo-montages on 1st October, I'll post installation views and try in earnest to post on the blog more regularly, although, the weather is improving and that means that I'll want to be out in the sunshine rather than being fettered to a computer. Best to all.

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