Friday, August 8, 2014

MH17 my thoughts

The obsession of the Australian government to collect and retrieve bits of bodies not found and included in the initial find, after the downing of Malaysian airline MH17, has become ludicrous to say the least. Sending in a forensic team to identify and scrape up bits of burnt and decaying tissue and bone samples borders on the macabre and the supercilious! I can understand why it was necessary in the initial stage that vital parts of the plane needed to be collected in order to ascertain how and why the plane crashed, although wasn’t there ample evidence to suggest that it was shot down by a land to air missile? Of course, it was obligatory for all manner of reasons to collect the corpses of those who died when the plane crashed so that they could be identified and returned to the country of their loved ones for a dignified funeral. However, this mania of having to collect every bit of human detritus and in some cases, scraping and scratching at the earth in order to place vital DNA into containers and suitably refrigerated so that they could be presumably be, if not rejoined in a kind of jig-saw puzzle in order to make the fragmented person whole again, then at least placed with the rest of the body ~ as if the deceased was rendered not themselves if one small portion had gone astray, raises questions (begun I think by Christianity in Medieval times) about resurrection of the body in an afterlife that can only be imagined. Corruption and partition of the human body and a fascination to restore these body addendums plagued the Christian medieval psyche, which developed a cult of relics in which bodily parts were venerated; and their desire to reinstate the fragmented body continued even though most believed that their God would indeed reassemble sometimes scattered bodily parts after death, ready to be resurrected whole into the Kingdom of Heaven. This Australian government hell bent on making life miserable for many through its intended budget cuts and who, to date have little achievements to show, announced a National Day of Mourning for the Australian victims of the fated plane, flags were lowered and a ceremony held in a cathedral, elevating the lives and bodies of these individuals above any number of other Australian people of the past who had died in tragic circumstances. I may be a cynic, but I believe that there is a case to suggest that the rhetoric surrounding the day of mourning, especially the words ‘they are gone but will not be forgotten’ rode on the back of celebrations for the 100th Anniversary of World War 1 ~ lest we forget, but we should bear in mind that most of the hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers lay where they died, their mutilated bodies never scraped up, defiled, or repatriated, making the land on which they died sacred.  As much as we all found the downing of MH17 a tragedy and feel for the families of those who suffered loss, this theatre that IS this government has used this awful event to their own advantage and perhaps even to support new legislation around terrorism. Those innocent dead children and adults politicized, mere pawns in a government attempting to pump themselves up on the world stage, might well have been cautioned about making a verbal attack (prior to any real evidence being submitted) on Russia and who now must wear the fact that its words have prompted the Russian government to place sanctions on our exports no doubt impacting on our industries and making life difficult for many living Australians!

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