Sunday, July 6, 2014

My weekend...

Yesterday I walked along the Yarra River, watched the early morning rowers, admired the beautiful Wood Ducks that were swimming and preening themselves. I took several photographs of the Yarra in sepia because it harkens back to another time.
I saw an amazing 3 chanel video installation called The Calling by Angelica Mesiti at ACMI which documented people from various countries in the world who communicate in full sentences by whistling. An absolutely amazing experience and well worth a look if you're that end of town. It's on until the 13 July.  Click here for more information.
I was a little surprised later when I was approached by young Muslims on the steps of Flinders Street Station (actually there were quite a lot of them) who were handing out literature and stating that Islam was the fastest growing religion in the world. Reminded me of the days when Christians used to approach people in the streets and the literature handed out in Swanston Street by the Falun Gong ~ everyone's pushing some viewpoint.
I had lunch and took some photographs of a number of people in Hosier Lane, but primarily of a wedding party who looked so glitzy especially with the street art/graffiti backdrop! 
This morning I caught the 8am tram to Southern Cross Station so that I could photograph the steam train due to depart for Geeling at 9.12am. SCS not an aesthetically pleasing place and the long high escalators certainly had me feeling a little anxious as I rode one down to Platform 14. I was eternally grateful that someone point out steps to me so that I could walk up to ground level after I took some photographs. Unfortunately when the steam train arrived it was driven to the end of the platform making photographing it extremely difficult. Oh well, I did the best I could under difficult circumstances. I would have liked being closer.

I'm going to have a quiet afternoon making Minestrone soup and maybe watching some television in a warm room, because it was really cold at Southern Cross Station, but I have to say worth it because I love steam trains.

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