Thursday, June 19, 2014


I went to the Kino Cinema today to see The Rover (David Michôd, 2014). I high recommend it for Antony Partos's amazing musical score, the excellent acting by Guy Pearce (Rey) and the utter brilliance of Robert Pattinson (Reynolds). The narrative, set in a post-morality society (not sure if it was post-apocalyptic or not) was totally believable and the desolate Australian landscape definitely an overwhelming character in the film, reflected subtleties of beauty (at times, in distance shots of sunrise and sunset) but mostly the emptiness and aloneness that was embodied in the characters who thought little of human life. It's a violent film, but necessary violence that depicts a lack of emotion and detachment of the individuals, making this a disturbing & incredibly intense movie. Be warned there's a lot of blood and some gruesome scenes, probably made more so by the incessant sounds of flies circling around fresh blood oozing out of wounded men and the sudden and ringing sound of gunshots that appeared to infiltrate the cinema itself.  And speaking of men, the film is rife with them. Only two females are depicted, one ends up dead the older one depicted as extremely strong. This film, about morality (or the lack of it) revenge and strange alliances is certainly worth 102 minutes of your time.

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