Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Here is another photomontage. A variation on a theme. Yesterday I went into Melbourne University and printed out many of the photomontages I've been working on. Thanks to Steve who gave me some valuable criticism over afternoon coffee. I'm thinking of going to TDC3 printers in Richmond today to print one out in A2 size, just to see what it looks like in larger format as I've only seen them in A3.
Photomontage. Julie Clarke (c) 2014

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  1. I should tell you that I've had a vestibular migraine for the past two and a half days, which has made it all the more difficult trying to make artworks. But I persist. I printed out the Dragonfly photomontage at A2 size and I'm happy with the way it looks. May even print one at A1 size, since the price difference between the two is not so great. OK, I'm happy to receive comments on these works if anyone can be bothered?