Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Body architecture/the fold...

Doubling or bending over, bent or curved, the inside of the body and the outside skin doubled over by the folded and draped fabric, folds in the skin, the notion of becoming folded, the folding of our material selves by the fall of the scarf, subjectivity in light of this folding one thing on top of the other. The body made over by the fold into a different architecture, a different skin, one that renders the body as sculptural in an alternative manner than was previously imaged or described. 
I purchased this transparent, olive green silk material today and draped it over my body whilst I moved my hand - gesture made to sweep the air away. This action too, becomes a fold.
The repeated wooden structure is derived from my photograph of a small drawer with nine divisions inside it that I've owed for over twenty years.

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