Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Yuletide

Happy Christmas, Xmas, Santatime, Yuletide, Silly season, Festive season, Festiveus - whatever you all call it, to my Google+ followers and other followers who have been reading the blog over the past year. I appreciate your patronage and wish you all a safe, peaceful & happy time. Here's a photograph I took of the guys attempting to set up the large Christmas Tree in the city square, Swanston Street earlier in December and the second photograph is part of the large crowd that attended the Myer Christmas parade in Bourke Street, Melbourne in 2009. Best from me. Remember to relax, kick your shoes off, enjoy your family & friends and try not to waste all that food you purchased because you wanted to have enough for last minute guests.  There are many great recipes on the internet so you can use up those leftovers.

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