Sunday, November 24, 2013

Melbourne Now, amongst other things

When I arrived in the CBD yesterday morning the now iconic Christmas Tree that is decorated and takes pride of place on the corner of Collins and Swanston Street around about this time of the year had arrived and was in the process of being installed. I didn't wait around in the cold to see it finally erected because it looked like it was going to take some time.
I had a cup of coffee at my now favorite coffee shop in Collins Street, called Gânache Chocolate and then I headed up to NGV International.
I was one of about a dozen or so people all bright and bushy tailed and waiting outside the NGV International waiting for the doors to open for the blockbuster MELBOURNE NOW exhibition. Of course, whilst I was waiting a took a couple of photographs. I think this one is the best.
I was a little annoyed that Rory Hyde's Bin Dome, which I thought was most elegant whilst it was being constructed was now covered with plants. I was later told that they were real, but to me the whole thing looks a little tacky. Don't go by the photo of it in this article because in real life it doesn't look that good. Here's a photo I took of the Dome being installed:
That was the first disappointment, many followed. However, having said that here's some photographs I took of the artworks that I really enjoyed. The first is a full-scale lounge-room in the foyer of the gallery in Federation Square by the Hotham Street Ladies made of icing - I loved Picasso's Weeping Woman on the wall.

The next one is a multi-media artwork by Lyndal Brown, Charles Green and Jon Cattapan at NGV International.
And this wonderful mixed media sculpture, including human bones is a tribute to Tasmania indigenous people also at NGV International..
Here's a different view showing the skull inside the glass case.
I noticed that not all art was inside the gallery and the legs and feet of a young Asian girl with her white stockings with black hearts, white socks and black and white shoes captured my attention as she was sitting on the steps at Federation Square.
MELBOURNE NOW is a huge exhibition and I'm sure to visit it again. I'll keep you updated here.

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