Thursday, October 31, 2013

PIERCE + artist's book by = F'nL (Frank and Leonie Osowski)

Sometime in the early 21 Century, I don't remember the year, I went to see a unique artists book made by two friends of mine F'nL (Frank & Leonie Osowski) which was being exhibited in a bookshop at the top of Curtain House in Swanston Street, Melbourne.

I pricked my finger on part of the book and as the small amount of bright liquid oozed I told the man behind the counter that my friends would have loved the idea that the book had drawn blood. Yesterday they came for lunch and presented me with the book, which is entitled Pierce and has the following dimensions: 23.5 X 17.5cm (depth: 7cm) and is quite heavy. Apart from the cover, the book contains 11 pages and is composed from recycled car parts, hessian, stainless steel, hooks, screws and paint. Each of the eleven pages includes an inscribed text, here are some examples.
Saint Sebastian
a representation
two arrows
their tranquil

Yukio Mishima's
first ejaculation
...gracious shadow on
the softness of
Saint's skin.

Quick. Lick. Sweet Blood.
The book is quite a contrast to the tiny, postage stamp size books that Fn'L have been making over the past few years, but is more akin to their work entitled: frank'scunt which I wrote about on this blog in 2010, an artwork that they also gave to me.

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