Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Magpie born in late July/early August 2013

Last November I posted photos of a young Magpie, most probably born in early Spring 2012 and since then I've have been feeding twice per day the mother and daughter. I knew that one of the Magpies had a chick in early August this year because it had been collecting bread and flying off to a nest high in a nearby tree. Well, yesterday I had my first glimpse of it (there is only one chick), it was walking with both Magpies along the path, but when it saw me it became quite frightened and leapt onto the brick fence. I was really happy to see it because I thought I'd leave here never having seen it's cute little face. It's beautiful and I'm going to miss these three generations of Magpies, which are to me the most glorious creatures with their repertoire of incredible songs and unique sounds.

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