Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Aerial view of people leaving the Camberwell Rotary Market. 16 June. Julie Clarke ©
This month my 2010 blog post on the performance Trans-Mute, I saw at Union House, The University of Melbourne has had 347 page views and I'm not sure why there has been such interest. Also, there have been 189 page views of my 2010 review of Shannon Bell's book Fast Feminism this past month, perhaps it is because both articles are about the body? 
It's quiet here, the hum of the computer and the slow turning of the fan on my gas heater are the only sounds bar for my intermittent tapping on the keyboard keys. Soon I'll move into the  kitchen, put on the radio and begin another small painting. The one that I finished on Monday has been placed along with all the others under a page heading on the right hand side of this blog called *Night Sports Paintings*. Have a look at it if you get a chance.
Yesterday, I hand-delivered to The Potter Museum of Art my application for the Basil Sellers Art Exhibition, not sure of my chances of being selected to show my work, but there's nothing wrong with 'having a go'. I can't say that I enjoy being in the city, the crowds are annoying, public transport is packed and the noise level certainly rises as you move from edges of the CBD to the middle of it, and the movement of the people and vehicles in the street played havoc with my usual vertiginous state of being. Today I'll be quieter, more contemplative. I find that I need to be so after being in the throng of the city.

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