Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday early morning thoughts

I've added another small acrylic painting to the post on this blog called Paintings on Paper March/April. I think I've finally come to the end of creating paintings that include skulls and so am hoping to embark on something entirely (well, perhaps not completely) new. I find painting challenging, absorbing, immersive, frustrating and sometimes annoying because I'm not as skilled as I would like to be. I almost always paint when I'm not feeling well or in the colder weather. It's a quiet activity that in most cases calms me down. I believe that several things inform the paintings of late. The visit with my son on Easter Sunday to the Kew Cemetery where I found the small dog's skull and the continuing reports about North Korea and the possibility of conflict in our region. Mostly though I like the aesthetics of various skulls, they certainly give a different perspective to the live head, covered as it is with muscles, skin and fat deposits. I must go now for I can hear the Magpies warble and they do like to have me throw small pieces of bread so they can catch it in their beaks. It's colder now and they appear hungrier. And, on this note we should give some thought to the terrible famine that is occurring in North Korea and the tens of thousands of people who have already perished.

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