Friday, February 15, 2013


The weather forecast for yesterday was 33C degrees so I decided that I would attempt to beat the heat by going into the city early before my exhibition opening at 4.30. I visited 101 Collins Street to take some photographs of its interior. I absolutely love that building - it's high, wide columns, the marble floors, the long, shallow pools of water that contain impressive sculptures, the immense windows that look out to vast greenery. In the foyer there was a long, white, freestanding wall catching ambient light and I just couldn't resist taking photos of some of the people walking in and out of the building past it.

I had some lunch and then headed up to Carlton to see Karen Casey's beautiful black and white prints in a group show at the Italian Museum, which I didn't even know existed. I ambled my way through shops attempting to keep cool and then finally made my way up to Skin Gallery. I was overwhelmed by the fact that so many people turned up to see my work even though at 4.30pm it was still 33C. Many thanks to Aliey Ball, curator of Skin Gallery, to the staff and to all those who attended my opening, which I regard as a total success. Now, on with the next photographic project!

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