Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A short post

Sorry that I haven't made any posts over the past few days, but with the heat in Melbourne well, you know, it's difficult to even think let alone do anything else. Just writing to say that 988 people have viewed my article Jews, Blacks, Women, the Poor and the Disabled in 'The Crucible' posted by me on 4 November last year. And my own site to the right of this block entitled Julie Joy Clarke has received 685 page views. I hope to make an effort soon and write a more interesting post other than just talking about statistics. I am in the meantime still taking photographs and discovered today that many of my past relatives, especially my great grandparents and some of their children are buried in Booroondara Cemetery at Kew and that many went to school at Glenferrie Primary where I sent my own son when he was a small child. There are so many connections in my family with the suburb of Hawthorn. I'm thinking of visiting Kew Cemetery tomorrow to take some photos - hope its a nice cool day.

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