Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spectators (Postcard from Zarathustra)

even the spectators often behave like actors

Thus saith the fool: "Association with men spoileth the character, especially when one hath none." The one goeth to his neighbour because he seeketh himself, and the other because he would fain lose himself. Your bad love to yourselves maketh solitude a prison to you. The furthest ones are they who pay for your love to the near ones;and when there are but five of you together, a sixth must always die. I love not your festivals either: too many actors found I there, and even the spectators often behaved like actors. Not the neighbour do I teach you, but the friend. Let the friend be the festival of the earth to you, and a foretaste of the Superman.  Thus Spake Zarathustra (Chapter 16, Neighbour-Love)

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  1. I, like Nietzsche, think that there is value in being alone and being comfortable being by yourself away from what he considered herd mentality. But in terms of festivals, I think it interesting that when I attended a festival I still feel that I stand outside of it. This may simply be because I've attended the festival not to necessarilyparticipate as such, but to document the participation of others with my camera. Maybe this is what artists do? Events of life become material to feed the imagination. I don't know that that makes of us an Ubermensch or if it is part of a spiritual quest. Even so, I like your image, which depicts a monk in a prison like environment with an obvious escape route.