Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First day of 2013

I must have been asleep for about an hour last night when I was woken by the sound of fireworks rushing through the still air and thumping loudly and persistently like a madman hitting his fist down on a table. There was a strangeness about waking to this sound, so far away and yet so close and imagining in one's half sleep the thousands of people amidst all that noise, color and excitement.
When I went for a walk this morning, there was barely a person or car in sight, indicative I think that many people were still sleeping at 9.30 am. But there I was strolling happily along the street and resisted the urge, (though got my camera out several times) to take a photo of the deserted street. Strangely there was absolutely no evidence that a celebration of any kind had taken place, the footpath clean save for one Council Christmas decoration - a large star that had fallen from its lofty place high above the street. Thankfully the supermarket was opened and also a coffee shop where I sat happily with my Cappuccino and watched the few people who had now ventured out. When I came home I noticed some busy ants devouring or were they just simply dismembering this centipede on my door step. Life and death on the first day of the year.

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