Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old photograph...

Yesterday I found this photograph (photographer unknown) of myself (far right) with others (children and two staff members) at a holiday house at Philip Island in 1966. I re-photographed it and had it printed out at Ted’s Cameras in Camberwell. When I came home I wrote about two hundred words in response to it and will use it as a jumping off point for some other creative prose writing. I imagine if I persist with the writing and am happy with it, that it will be the basis for my next little book. It was fortuitous finding it at this moment in time because it was only recently that I told the story of how I rowed a twelve foot wooden boat with six children under the age of twelve on board,  from Rhyll to the old wreck As I look at this photograph I realize how young and small the children really were and I can fully understand why I was in so much trouble for risking their and my own life in the rip of Port Philip Bay. I should add that I didn’t really need to be punished for I returned them all to shore quite safely and I was the one suffering from extreme sunburn and blisters on my hands. Still, the children were left in my charge and I should have been more responsible, but can you really expect that from someone like me who was (back then) most adventurous?

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