Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cold and windy...

I certainly wasn't the only one struggling in 15 degree temperature and a very cold 37 km/h wind today, but since I've had a sore right knee and hip for about six weeks I decided I should see a doctor for a diagnosis. My doctor sent me for x-rays of both this afternoon and I'll get the report early next week. In the meantime I'm to stay on pain-killers for the next few days and try (Ha!) to stop walking. Don't think I'll be doing that because I love walking and going out, although, having said that it was quite difficult attempting to keep the umbrella up in the wind, whilst it was raining this morning. What a contrast from yesterday's weather. My poor Magpies (including two baby ones) arrived for their morning bread all bedraggled from the wet and I wanted to pick them up in my arms and comfort them, but of course that just can't be done.


  1. Cold today again and rainy here, maybe resting up in the warm will do some good :)

  2. I rugged up and went to Malvern shopping centre, hadn't been there for ages - it was a precinct I frequented when my son was a baby as we lived in Armadale. I found a lovely charity shop and bought some 1940's earrings and an unusual pendant. I didn't really notice the cold as I was in and out of shops and walking. I came home and attempted to paper fold (Origami)some animals, with some beautiful Japanese paper squares that I also bought at a shop in Malvern - minor success. Last time I attempted Origami was about 30 years ago - I still have the book I bought back then, dated 1980. So, you can see that I measured my day with some physical and less than physical activity.