Wednesday, October 3, 2012

St. Kilda Beach today...

Yesterday afternoon I tried to sit outside in the sun on my little balcony, but unfortunately a cluster of bees kept buzzing me. I was determined to demoralize, indeed destroy the flowering variegated Geraniums growing near the balcony, which were attracting the bees, so I spent two hours pulling the shrubs out of the ground (with great effort) so that I wouldn't be stung. What I got for my trouble was two spider bites on my right arm. The first bite I felt and my arm went quite red for about an hour, but since I was not feeling sick or dizzy and the redness disappeared, I figured I was in the clear.

Today I went out early; took a tram to Chapel Street, walked to the Prahran station and traveled two stops to Balaclava where I had coffee. Then after looking at the shops I caught a tram to St. Kilda Beach. When I got off the tram there was a line of people waiting to get into Luna Park and I could hear the screams of delight, or was it fear from those riding the big dipper. I didn't take many photos whilst I was at the beach, I was happy to have my bare feet in the sand and watch everyone who had taken to the water. Here's one of my favorites. I walked right down to the edge of the water to take this photo of five teenagers who appeared totally entertained by god knows what. They were in the water like this for about an hour.
I picked up this piece of driftwood from the beach and think it looks a little like a fish.

After I ate my sandwich and walked along the beach I headed up to Linden Gallery to see OMISSION an exhibition of Indigenous Art. I hadn't been to Linden for ages and it was good to see Bindi Cole's piece in which an indigenous man was saying 'I forgive you'. But as I watched his facial expressions on the video projected over an Australian flag, I did wonder at how repeating the words over and over again appeared to reinforce the fact in his mind that he was the one that needed convincing, although I believe that Cole made the artwork as a vehicle of self-healing. Feel I need a little healing myself because my right knee is really sore and I'm suffering badly from hay fever (or is it a cold). Anyway, it was a lovely day - I feel like a tourist in my own city.

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