Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last night on Q&A Caroline Zielinski (audience member at Federation Square) asked Germaine Greer:

During your last appearance on Q&A, you made a good speech in defense of Julia Gillard before unexpectedly commenting on her jackets and stating 'Julia, you've got a big arse; so just get on with it!' Do you think that as a staunch feminist, that was an appropriate comment when feminists and even non-feminists alike are fighting to change the focus of political reporting AWAY from female politicians' appearance and onto their policies and capabilities?
Rather than answer the question, Greer insisted on supporting her previous comment about Gillard's jackets by stating that she thought our PM looked like a organ grinders' monkey. She further added that women are fat-arsed creatures and that Australian women, like Julia have big arses!

Go right ahead Julia, wave that arse!

she yelled out as she raised her hands. So, according to Greer, she made that initial statement about Gillard on Q &A because somehow that makes all women with fat backsides feel better. Greer said last night:

You don't understand how tough it is for little girls who think that having a fat arse is to be dead, is to be finished
I don't believe that she made her initial statement (March 2012) in that spirit at all and is simply attempting to cover her own arse. In my opinion she was commenting on the jackets that Gillard wears because they somehow made Gillard's backside more prominent. Give Greer enough rope and she'll hang herself, indeed last night she insisted on saying that she was comparing Gillard's clothing to that worn by another female politician who clothes looked like they belonged to her, and added that since her statement Gillard had stopped wearing those jackets! Not true - Gillard still wears jackets! And although Q &A have given air time to Professor Greer, wouldn't it be great if she could say something positive about our PM and stop commenting upon her personal appearance. What have bums and jackets got to do with anything?


  1. I still love Greer to bits!!! I am seeing her at he Writers Festival on Friday. My ticket cost $20- , it is sold out now.

    P.S Love the new look of the blog Julie


  2. arrr published without proof read..."he Writers Festival" mmm The Writers Festival" Lauren

  3. Sure, I also like Greer, but don't always like what she says.