Saturday, October 1, 2011


transphylum. Digital image. Julie Clarke (1995)

I thought I'd done something similar before and then hunting around this morning I found a digital image of mine called Transphylum, which was reproduced on the back cover of aedon journal, The University of Melbourne in 1995. I've rephotographed the image from the shinny cover. I did a whole series from scanned insects that I'd found and hybridized aspects of one insects body onto another.This image is of  a dead bird I scanned. I still have it in a small, hard plastic container. I no longer have the digital image files but have slides of the work. The beautiful flowers at the bottom of the images were collected from the grounds of the University of Melbourne and scanned. This was the way some images were made prior to the availability of digital cameras, which make image collection so much easier.

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