Friday, September 23, 2011

Swimming, I love it

I forgot how much I love swimming until yesterday when I had a thirty minute swim at the Kew Recreation Centre. What a fantastic venue it is. The water was warm and pool facility air-conditioned, which meant that I didn't get a rush of cold air on my body when I got out of the pool. I must admit I could have stayed a lot longer, but I was advised by pool staff to limit swimming time for the first few sessions so as to help, rather than hinder my osteoarthritis symptoms. I really feel like going every day. It's so relaxing! If I do this the blog will suffer for I'll have to be heading off to the pool rather than sitting at the computer writing. At this point in time, with the weather getting progressively warmer, it's a no brainer. On  days when I don't have to go into Melbourne University, I'll probably be going for a swim.


  1. Really, I was thinking of going again myself today, but have to do a bit shop. I may go. Anyway, enjoy yourself.

  2. Lovely to see you outside the Kew pool yesterday Steve - loved my second swim, but a little disconcerted about the fact that I had a bit of vertigo whilst becoming aware of the movement of the water. However, will persist by going swimming again next week.