Sunday, September 4, 2011


Rainbow chard & sprouts I'm growing in my veggie patch.
The weather feels almost warm this morning. I've been up since 6.30 am and the washing I hung on the line last night was dry. I have my back door open to let in some fresh air. It's much easier living in the warmer weather. The arthritic pain subsides to a level manageable without drugs and everything appears more relaxed. The birds jumping around the backyard seem less erratic as I listen to the coo of some bird in a distant tree. Cliches aside, spring is beautiful. There's a barmy feeling in the air like something is about to happen, but that may simply be the quiet before the storm since rain has been forecast for later on in the day. At least it is not too sunny and that's important for me because I am sure the migraine with aura I experienced yesterday was brought on by too much light  coming through my kitchen window. I enjoy this anticipatory feeling, the quiet, but not too quite of early morning, the very sundayness of it - no sound of lawnmowers as yet, no one playing football in the park opposite, no shouting of small children or cars on the street, just the continuous coo and the Magpie warble. I've already left them some bread, which will make them happy - they appear to enjoy their carbohydrates before embarking on their search for insects and worms. I always think I'm the first person up and most likely the first to go to bed where I live, for I can walk around the grounds and rarely see anyone else until afternoon. I spent the last hour trying to think of something to write here and kept getting distracted by pockets of dust on window sills and other domestic duties. I suppose that simply means that the spring cleaning bug has moved into my mind and so over the next few days I'll probably do a little sorting and a lot of throwing out of things not used, not wanted, not to be kept for another year. Is that also what we do with accumulated thoughts? I suspect it's not so easy spring cleaning our minds?


  1. Julie you write so beautifully, a contentment comes through when describing the simple aspects of nature. I wish I had those feelings and experiences more often.

  2. oh anonymous was me Lauren

  3. Well thank you, not so anonymous Lauren. Why do you not experience these kind of feelings more often do you think? Just looking at the photo of the veggie patch I realize it needs watering, though feeling a little lazy & a little sore at the moment I'm hoping it will rain & then I won't have to get the hose out. Asked my friendly seedlings man at the Camberwell Market today why my sprouts look so strange - he said, they will suddenly send out spikes and the sprouts will grow from them. I'm waiting for that moment whenever it will be. In the interim hoping next week to plant some beetroot seedlings, because last summer I was making borsch & really enjoying the compelling cool, redness of it, plus roasted beets.