Saturday, September 17, 2011


Just thought I'd check in briefly to the blog. I've been trying to have a rest from the computer since working on it causes so much grief to my neck muscles & pain down my spine. I'm happy for my son that Hawthorn beat the Sydney Swans last night - does this mean that they are in the AFL grand final? You can see from this comment that I am a little unfamiliar with all things football, but since I live in Hawthorn I'm happy that there will be a heady buzz for them at this time of the year. One lone Magpie visited this morning and not having any bread I was forced to crumble a soft Italian biscuit and give it to him because he was so hungry. Magpies will obviously eat anything. Since the Magpies that visited me during the week were gathering chunks of bread and flying off with it, rather than eating, I imagine that they are already feeding their new brood. Last year around the beginning of October I met the baby Magpies, I suppose the parents will introduce me to them sometime soon. I do have a more serious blog entry ready to go. I've posted my response to Mark's recent artwork and am just waiting for him to receive it before I place the image and description here. I have little to add, except that the weather bureau has forecast a beautiful warm Melbourne day and I'm looking forward to that. The sun is already shinning and that's surely got to make everyone feel better

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  1. My son Erin advised me that Hawthorn have to win next Saturday to be in the Grand Final. Fingers crossed!