Friday, March 11, 2011

Gillard's Speech to the American congress revisited

I'm sorry, I really admire Julia Gillard, but I'm wondering why WE Australians need to ingratiate ourselves to the Americans? Really! You have a true friend down under! The sentence, apart from being a colloquialism of Australia's location in the Southern hemisphere, reeks of sexual innuendo  - undies being a common term for clothing worn to cover your private parts, the power of sexuality and the power of politics!
I suppose, given so many people have a love/hate relationship with America - its initiation of war,  invasion of nation states and treatment of prisoners, that it could do with a few friends. Perhaps that's why some congressmen were crying at the end, when, with slight quiver in  her voice Gillard tug on their heart-strings with:  As I stand in this cradle of democracy I see a nation that has changed the world and known remarkable days. I firmly believe you are the same people who amazed me when I was a small girl by landing on the moon. On that great day I believed Americans could do anything. I believe that still. You can do anything today. There was a resounding applause, unlike any kind of reception she gets here in Australia and I wonder why? Michelle Grattan's take on Gillard's teary speech was that  it was distinctly crafty, in a very modern sense. Those helping her draft it had a keen eye on what plays in America, where politicians' speeches are often more syrupy and sentimental than those of their Australian counterparts. Apart from what Grattan thinks, I doubt Gillard could feign tears, I suggest that she found it difficult not to think of the significance of being only the fourth Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the American congress - an honor Gillard should be proud of.

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