Sunday, February 27, 2011

White Australia - nothing much has changed!

If these heathens who came here to pollute our blood and debauch our young children are not put under severe regulations we may reckon an epidemic sooner or later that may be as deadly as leprosy. Ballarat Star, August 20, 1866

We are guarding the last part of the world in which the higher races can live and increase freely for the higher civilisation.  Prime Minister Edmund Barton, August 7, 1901.

If the question is not dealt with boldly and fearlessly now when the Asiatic nations are waking up, there will be an influx of coloured people which will mean an alteration in our national destiny, or possibly the obliteration of our national existence.
Senator Staniforth Smith, 'Commonwealth Parliamentary Debates', November 14,1901.

As I look around my city filled with people from diverse backgrounds I notice more and more the buildings and its colonial legacy. The enduring and iconic State Library of Victoria, Flinders Street Station, The GPO, St. Paul's Cathedral - all testament to Australia's Anglo-Celtic origins and national identity, which simply no longer exists, but which continues to exert its influence.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, refugees and asylum seekers, migrants -  particularly Muslims, Turkish and Lebanese people, and people of Jewish background are still the main victims of racism in Australia. Indeed a recent article states that nearly half of all Australian's interviewed claim to be anti-Muslim.

On the Melbourne Action against Immigration and Islam, Facebook site (though it only has 80 members) it 's poster states: BLAME THEM FOR EVERYTHING. They will take your jobs and wives, to destroy your way of life and kids. To give you diseases and create evil in general. They will do it and everything else as well. Dirty refugees from HELL.

I'm not surprised at the racist remarks and total crap from these young people, but it does worry me.

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  1. Not really surprising stop the racist remarks. I think the world changed by the exchange of cultures since the beginning of time and eventually more will continue to affirm that an increasingly smaller.