Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shit happens!

Sometimes shit happens and in war shit happens frequently! I'm appalled by the journalist that not only took Tony Abbott's comment about the death of an Australian soldier out of context, but the fact that he needed to approach the Leader of the Opposition and ask the ridiculous question 'how was it taken out of context' is just bad journalism.  He saw the complete video clip and knew full well the potency of plucking out such a comment when the audience hadn't seen the whole story. Anyway, saying 'Shit happens'! is an Australian colloquialism and is often used when a person is attempting to reconcile an event that evokes strong emotions. I'm a Labor supporter, but in this instance I think the media is just being abhorrent!

1 comment:

  1. It is the mass media's task to relentlessly pursue political leaders on issues of the day, including Australian involvement in a foreign war, and while the remark might very well be decontextualized, and the reference to the fallen callous, the media are doing the job expected of them in a robust democracy. It might be more useful to examine how that job is undertaken, and the place of ambush journalism in tabloid television.