Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Karen Casey - Global Mind Project - Leonardo photostream images

Composite images from Karen Casey's GLOBAL MIND PROJECT: Spectacle of the Mind, an  art/neuroscience performance event with Stelarc, Jill Orr and Domenico de Clario held at Federation Square, Melbourne in 2010 (with excerpts from the catalogue essay written by me) are currently being exhibited on the Leonardo Electronic Almanac photostream
Today's photograph - a composite depicting part of the huge crowd that gathered to watch the performance, overlaid with an image generated during the performances, certainly depicts a community drawn together and enveloped by a usually unseen energy manifest by new technology.
Stelarc has recently said 'The more and more performances I do, the less and less I think I have a mind of my own, nor any mind at all in a traditional metaphysical sense'. 
In light of this notion of a mind not contained solely within the brain and by considering Casey's image, we may begin to think of mind as something circulating beyond the physical body; the materiality of self (body) merely a conduit to fluid and disseminated thought activity.
And even here today, with my fingers on the keyboard, a direct link between body/mind and the world, thoughts generated become energy translated into something else.

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