Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool at last!

Melbournians will be delighted that the cool change blew through around 45 minutes ago and brought with it a 10 degree drop in temperature from 38 degrees to 28 degrees, and very strong winds that are now buffeting all the trees and bushes on this property and momentarily shut down my computer. I can't believe that I've done almost nothing for the whole day except answer a few email messages, play around with the look of this blog, reduce the amount of labels and watch television. An extra shower to keep cool and copious cups of tea made being inside bearable. The media is flooded with news that a massive cyclone is imminent for the coast of Queensland. Before they rebuild they may consider actually moving the state somewhere else, because its current location is not ideal (weather wise). I've put clean water out for the Magpies and imagine that they will be turning up soon for their portion of bread (yes, I know I shouldn't feed them, but we've been feeding Magpies in Australia for as long as I can remember). OK, I've opened the doors and windows and am breathing a sigh of relief - hope this cooler weather lasts.

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