Monday, February 28, 2011

All is well

I collected the printed brochures for my installation and carried them over to the Melbourne School of Design this morning. The missing projector in the Atrium Annex Gallery has been replaced with greater safe-guards and only the connections and testing are to be undertaken in the next few days. So, phew! Everything is on track. I'm afraid my general anxiety got the better of me over the past week. An undermining voice, which appeals to my sense of worthlessness - you know the one that says things like: every thing is going to go pear-shaped, no-one will like what you've done, it will all be a disaster, why did you even think of doing something like this? has been working over-time. However, even in the midst of my darkest thoughts I've managed to use logic, whilst recognizing that this corrosive voice has been there all my life trying to derail and send me spinning out of control. Rather than attempt to push the thoughts away, I recognize them for what they are and somewhere in the process they loose all power.

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