Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stay cool!

The magpies have been particularly noisy this morning as they search for insects and walk around the garden in the sun. They should have been here last night because cicadas were singing and a myriad of insects they could have eaten were dancing in the night air. For those of you reading this who live overseas, the green grocer cicada (in the image above that I gleaned from Wiki) is the most noticeable species in Australia and certainly the kind that we mostly see and hear in Melbourne. Though when they're on the ground they're usually bereft of their abdomen, which has been eaten by a hungry bird.
The weather bureau has predicted 40 degree temperature today, so my plan is to go out early and then return home before it gets too hot, although it's only 9.30 am and it's already 28.3 degrees (86F). An article in The Age newspaper has warned people to avoid vigorous exercise and drink lots of water and that's what I plan to do.
Andrew Bolt's comments on his blog this morning really annoyed me. He's still saying that Julia Gillard 'knifed' Kevin Rudd and the flood levy is going to 'punish the rich'. Oh dear! Mr Bolt ~ do you really think that taking a total of $50 away from those who are earning over $100,000 is going to cause undue hardship? I think not! And on this topic, I agree with him that the article by Susan Kraemer in Reuters last Friday, which makes a correlation between Australia's 15 years of droughts and climate change is just ridiculous. Almost everything that happens in the world now is being blamed on climate change - well, what is it - the HAARP facility or climate change ~are we ALL to blame or is it just the Americans? I think it's nature and (hopefully) I'll speak no more of this!

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