Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been methodically viewing all the photos I took in Melbourne CBD in 2010 to select those that will be included in my installation in March this year. I came across this one of a man staffing a small car park in China Town. It was taken in February, a hot day, and he was resting quietly. The image caught my eye because of the red, ripeness of the peach he was eating and the bright red paint scrawled across the white peeling paint. Here's a close up of the man that you can just see in the photograph above.

There was also a distinct stark contrast between the pristine, new, white car and the graffiti covered old shed that he was sitting in. It's a homage of sorts to an ordinary life. It stands as one of my favourite photographs of the year.
The other photograph I absolutely love taken in March 2010, also with an emphasis on the color red, was of two extraordinary women performing outside the Lincraft Sewing Centre with a modern knitting machine. They looked so similar, like conjoined twins.
There's a serenity about these two pictures that stands in direct contrast to the way I feel when I'm negotiating city streets. Perhaps I aim for a calmness I detect in others.

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