Monday, January 17, 2011

Julia Gillard: Leadership in action

There are some who continue to focus upon our Prime Minister's style, rather than her substance. Niki Savva based her article about voters views of Julia Gillard on interviews she'd carried out over the Christmas New Year period with her inebriated friends. Are the results of this type of 'research' really worth considering. I think not! But reading further articles in The Australian, I finally found some more accurate portrayals of our eminent leader. Lanai Vasek's article focused upon Julia Gillard's very human reaction to the victims of the Queensland flood and in particular the time she spent speaking to parents of young children, the elderly and volunteers from the Red Cross and St Vincent de Paul at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds and Stefanie Balogh reported on the substantial and timely assistance that the Federal Government will be providing to flood-ravaged victims, including emergency and income support payments, personal hardship grants, essential household contents, structural grants and many other forms of assistance. Three days ago, after meeting with Australian Defence Force personnel, Julia Gillard deployed 1,200 troops to assist with the flood clean-up, whilst other ADF personnel will assist in the evacuation of individuals involved in the recent Victorian floods. Julia Gillard will visit some of the affected areas over the next few days. Can we please direct our attention to the actions of our leader rather than her facial expressions, hand gestures and what she's wearing ~ it's so journalistic ho-hum and should be considered passé!

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