Friday, December 10, 2010

Human Rights Day

It's taken only 9 days in November for my blog to go from 14,000 to 15,000 page views, so I'm hoping that today ~ Human Rights Day we can be mindful of our responsibilities in promoting these rights for all people. I draw your attention initially to the excellent article by Nina Funnell in The Age (online) this morning, who emphasises the point that human rights violations are not only experienced by those in under-developed countries but in Australia as well. She highlights that some women (and men) in Australia are systematically subjected to physical and sexual assault, including rape and this is a human rights issue, not necessarily a feminist one.
She fails to mention that children are also exposed to physical as well as emotional abuse and neglect and Australia has a less than favourable human rights history in regards to its Indigenous population. Although it is a basic human right to have liberty and security, we, as a nation, are not providing adequate low-cost housing to many of our residents and many are subjected to situations in which they find themselves less than protected from criminal elements. Sadly, it is frail, elderly people in our community who are now being targeted by young male attackers. We imagine ourselves egalitarian in our political correctness and yet continue in subtle ways to separate those in our society we consider less than worthy from those considered most worthy because of their financial or social status. We hear or witness people being bullied and yet do not speak up against this abuse, which is a violation against an individuals right to live in peaceful accord. There is much that we can do to improve the situation and everyone has a part to play.

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  1. Since I made this post early this morning there have been many responses to Funnell's article placed on 'The Age' site. All provide an interesting discussion on this vital issue ~ worth while having a read.