Monday, December 6, 2010

Fair Game

I ended up seeing Fair Game (Doug Liman, 2010) at the Cinema Nova today because there was a warning about excessive strobe use in the film Enter the Void and I really didn't want to see anything frenetic. Fair Game was a most enjoyable film about responsibility for oneself, family and ideology. Naomi Watts, who played real life CIA agent, Valerie Plame and Sean Penn who played the character of her journalist husband, Joe Wilson worked well together. In fact I enjoyed them on screen this time more than I did when they were both in 21 Grams (2003). Perhaps it is simply that they have matured. There appears to be a glut of films lately about American politics post 9/11 and the affect of war and destruction on innocents and those, not so innocent ~ so here's another one to make you think. I don't have to tell anyone who lives in Melbourne how hot it is today. I'm so glad I'm home.

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