Wednesday, December 1, 2010

14,000 page views!

It took only 17 days for my blog to register from 13,000 page views to 14,000. I'm not sure what generated so much interest, but I've certainly had quite a few people viewing my blog in the past two weeks. On that note, I'll take this opportunity to thank those who read on a regular basis and to those who dip into it from time to time. It's nice to know that you are all out there and I'm heartened when people are generous enough to post comments. I have little to report at the moment. This morning I've fed the Magpies and responded to a few email messages. Soon I'll be heading off to Melbourne Uni to have coffee with a friend I haven't seen for three months. The remainder of the day is not planned. I think I'll just proceed with an open heart for what the universe has in store.

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