Thursday, November 11, 2010

Synapse #7

Synapse #7. Acrylic paint on canvas 30.4 x 40.6 cm. Julie Clarke, 2010.

I've run out of these small canvases, so must decide whether to stay in this format or do larger paintings. I must say, I rather like this intimate size and they only take three or four hours to complete. If anyone out there would like to purchase any of the paintings I've posted on my blog, please leave your email address in the comments box and I will contact you (30.4 x 40.6 cm paintings are $150, 45 x 35 cm paintings are $200 + postage & packaging if you live interstate or overseas). If you are interested below is a list of exhibitions I've participated in:

Exogenous, Public Office Stairwell Gallery, 100 Adderley St., West Melbourne (July), 1999
Mutant Eugenics #1, Swanston Gallery Space, Union House, Level 8, RMIT, 1998
Mutant Eugenics #2, Interactive Information Institute, RMIT, 1998
Subversions, Graduate Centre, The University of Melbourne, 1996
Surveillance, Cyberweek, Union House, The University of Melbourne, 1994
Horror Autotoxicus, Druids Gallery Restaurant, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1994
My God, It’s Full of Stars, Upper level, City Square, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1993
Zoo/Zone, Upper level, City Square, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1993
La Jouisance, Hawthorn Exhibition and Performance Space Hawthorne, 1992

Kodak Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, 2010
Let’s Shake, (Artist: Karen Casey) 2008
Cracks in the Pavement, (Curator: Heather Johnson), Austin, Texas, online art exhibition, 2005
Lookinglasshouse, (Curated: Nik Pappas), RMIT exhibition windows, October, 2000
Life, (Curated: Shaun Wilson), Public Office Stairwell, West Melbourne, August/October, 2000
Exquisite Corpse, (Curated: Annonda Bell), Bendigo City Art Gallery, June/July, 2000
Maxwell Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, North Fitzroy, 2000
Lingua, Cyberpoetry Webzine, (Curated: Komninos), State Library of Victoria, 1999
Flightpaths, (Curated: Bernie Jannsen), Lovebits - Digital Arts Exposition, Staffordshire, U.K., 1998
Autopsy: The Dissection of Fashion, (Curated: Jan Bryant), Melbourne Town Hall, Fringe Festival Melb, 1997
Challenge of the Space, (Curated: Julie Clarke), Graduate Centre, Uni of Melbourne, 1997
Cyberfringe, Fringe Festival, Stop 22 Gallery, Fitzroy Street, St.Kilda, 1996
IntelArt, (Curated: Joanne Kikkides), The Graduate Centre, The University of Melbourne, 1996
Gryph(on)Line, (Curated: Kishwar Rahman), Virtual Gallery, The University of Melbourne,1996
Sandridge Railway Bridge Propositions, Degreaves Street Underpass, Melbourne, 1996
Bird’s Eye View, (Curated: Shiralee Saul), New Media Network Gallery, Southgate, 1995
Humanetics: Artists Working with the Technological Body, (Curated: Shiralee Saul), New Media Network Gallery, Podium Gallery, Southgate, Melbourne, 1995
Persistance of Vision, (Curated:D. Chapman), Druids Gallery, Swanston Street, Melbourne,1995
Cyberotic Mandala, Bailleau Library, The University of Melbourne, 1995
Organic/Mechanic, (Produced by Julie Clarke), Open Stage, The University of Melbourne, 1993
Christmas Without Derryn, Ealanie Gallery, Fitzroy, 1992
Tongue: Artists using text, (Curated: Dale Chapman), Spencer Street Platform Project, Melbourne, 1992
M/Other, Cosmos Bookshop Window, (Curated: D.Chapman), St. Kilda Festival, Melb, 1991
Julie Clarke, Rose Dean and Tim Craker, The Art Carrel, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1991
RMIT Group Painters, Building 2, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1991

Mallarme Visual Poetry, (Curated: P.Spence), Platform, Spencer Street, Melbourne 1998
International Visual Poetry Exhibition, St.Kilda Festival, St.Kilda, 1996
International Visual Poetry Exhibition, The NSW Writers Centre, Rozelle, NSW, 1996
Word Theatre, The Art Department, The City Art Museum, Kalininhgrad, Russia, 1995
Essence: International Networking Culture, Queensland College Art Gallery, Griffith University, 1995
Essence: International Networking Culture, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery/July, 1995
2nd International Fax Art and Australian Concrete Poetry, St.Kilda, South Melbourne and Port Phillip Libraries, City of Port Phillip Festival, 1995
International Fax Art and Australian Concrete Poetry, (Curated P. Spence), St. Kilda Library, St. Kilda Festival, 1994
Images Congress Project, Pisa, Italy, 1992
Mostra ‘Fe/Mail Art 92’ , Museo Dell Informazione, Senigallia, Italy, 1992
Gold, First International Visual Poetry Exhibition, Marashriba Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 1992
Third International Visual Poetry Exhibition, (Curated R. Cortese), The Lounge, coffee shop and gallery, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 1992
Second Int. Visual Poetry Exhibition, Room 4, Linden Gallery, Acland Street, St. Kilda, 1991
International Mail Art Show, The Writers Centre, Melbourne, 1990
"Carnivale" Mostra Internazionale di mail art, via Boccherini 122, Pisa, Italy, 1990
International Mail Art, Baker’s Cafe, Fitzroy, 1990
Visual Poetry Outdoor Show, St. Kilda Festival, 1990
Art Start, Artists Books Archive, Middleburg, Holland, 1990
First International Visual Poetry Exhibition, Old Ticket Box Office, Fitzroy Football oval, 1988
Just Wot? Visual Poetry, Artist Space Gallery, Park Street, Fitzroy, 1987

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