Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Something wicked this way comes

Last night was the first time in three months (that's how long I've been here) I had disturbed sleep. It might have been a reaction to visiting the place where me and my four siblings were removed from our parents and placed in State care. I slept last night in a half awake state too aware and yet I don't even know what I was aware of. As a consequence, today I've been slow, very slow. Clouds gathering in the sky suggest rain ~ but nothing's happened yet. God, how did we live in that tiny little place with a mother 'that never amounted to anything and a father who was bad from drink'. It sounds like something my grandmother would say. And now I'm living in a place surrounded by flowers that has the same numbers as my grandparent's botanical cemetery allotment ~ section 3, grave 45 (Vivian and Mary Anne lying together forever). I know we make meaning where there is none, but you have to admit it's uncanny. Perhaps it's lack of sleep that's encouraging strange associations, perhaps it's the balmy day and unsettling wind ~ I've never liked trees around me becoming too animated. Me thinks that 'something wicked this way comes'!

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