Friday, November 5, 2010

image and text

OK, I'm excited to be meeting with a curator next Monday to look at the Atrium Gallery in the Architecture Building at the University of Melbourne with a view to showing some of my photographs with appropriate text projected onto four separate screens. The photos chosen will relate to building architecture as well as the architecture of bodies. It will address absence and presence, the familiar and unfamiliar, comfort and unease, special disorientation and spontaneous arrangement - vertigo and anxiety in public space, but also, quiet resolution. It is about the everyday, the commonplace activity of interacting with the general public in an urban environment. The texts will be short, personal reflections. I'm unsure of the technological expertise I require to set up this installation and hope that my meeting will clarify things and set a date. I'll keep you all informed of the outcome. Most of yesterday I was domestic, though this morning I'm hoping to get out in the sun (if it lasts) for a little while and then, maybe I'll finish Synapse #7 painting. Very slow to start this morning, but now feel that I can embark on the day.

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