Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few minutes in November

Each year at 11am on the 11 November, the public, as well as public transport stops for one minute so that we can remember Armistice Day when the guns of the western front fell silent in 1918 and those who were rendered silent through war and death. However, every year the one thing that stops our nation for at least three minutes on a happier note is the Melbourne Cup. It was a bit of a tradition in our family and although I don't actually go to the racecourse I'll certainly be watching the race at 3pm today on a large-screen TV. Anyone interested in flocking behavior, or the notion of shared consciousness must find this phenomenon intriguing ~ can all those people of one mind, who want to believe that one particular horse will win, influence the outcome? I for one like to 'root for' the outsider ~ and this year it's the New Zealand, six year old, Gelding, Red Ruler who's definitely a long shot. Of course, betting on the Melbourne Cup (or anything for that matter) is a bit of a 'mug's game', but that won't stop anyone ~ for it's half the fun.

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